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University of Manitoba

Date: Saturday, May 13, 2017

Start: 11:00 AM

End: 4:00 PM



University of Manitoba, Fort Garry Campus

Engineering and Information Technology Complex (EITC) and the Science Complex Buildings

66 and 75 Chancellors Circle, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Explore science in action!


The University of Manitoba bursts open for Science Rendezvous, a science and engineering carnival with an art twist showcasing the fun, intrigue, and spectacle in science. Join us on campus on Saturday, May 13, 2017 for a free day of fun and discovery. This year’s activities will delight children and adults alike, from magicians revealing the science in card tricks to chemists offering potion classes.


In Partnership With:

The University of Manitoba is delighted to partner with several local organizations who will each put their own spin on some of our 2017 events.

The Université de Saint-Boniface

Science First


Canadian Grain Commission

Let’s Talk Science

Emergent BioSolutions



Activities this year will include:


If a dancing, painting robot wasn’t enough, it’s also a plush snake! You pick the music, and Picasnake will paint you a masterpiece.

Physics Circus
Scream in fear as you test out the bed of nails, then scream some more for instant nitrogen ice-cream at this Physics Circus with all new stunts.

Quirky Keyboards
Jam out with a keyboard made of fruit, or play the piano with your feet as your run up and down a flight of stairs!

Paper and Flowers
Take to the greenhouse to learn how to make paper (with flowers) and grow flowers (in paper).

Science Rendezvous
Touch Pond
It’s more slippery and wiggly than any petting zoo you’ve experienced – tickle a starfish, meet some microbes, and discover a whole wet world of organisms!

Science Rendezvous

Microbes and Molecules
Take home a twisty balloon sculpture of everyone’s favourite biomolecules and micro-organisms – from an iconic double-helix to a bacteriophage!

Science Rendezvous

Science Photobooth
Throw on a lab coat, mix some potions, and show us your Nobel Prize-winning smile!

Chemistry Magic Show
These explosive displays will make you wonder whether the labcoat-clad performers might actually be magicians… but chemistry reveals their secrets.

Oobleck Run
A liquid that pushes back – run across a sheet of Oobleck (but don’t get stuck!) in this experience in non-Newtonian fluids.

 Science Rendezvous
With a bit of chemistry, use the sun and shade to create a lasting image and capture a piece of daylight.

For more information: contact and check out our website for more information in both English et en Francais!

And don’t forget to hit attending on our Facebook event page. We’ll see you there!

Science Rendezvous is part of Science Odyssey Week! As part of the festivities, The University of Winnipeg will also be hosting Science Rendezvous events from 11 am to 3 pm.

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