Our Mission


Science Rendezvous serves as a public platform to promote science awareness and increase science literacy in Canada. The events of the day work to engage and transform the general public from passive supporters of science and engineering to active, passionate champions with an understanding of the important role science plays in our rapidly changing world. The open-lab concept of Science Rendezvous brings science and world-leading scientists face-to-face with the public. Through thousands of hands-on science experiments, interactive lab tours, and explosive demonstrations, Science Rendezvous demonstrates how science affects our daily lives, standard of living, and global competitiveness.

By opening the doors of over $5-billion in science infrastructure to allow unprecedented public access to state-of-the-art laboratories and research facilities, Science Rendezvous offers a behind the scenes look into the career of a scientist and encourages more youth to consider science and engineering-related careers and study paths.

The importance of science to our collective future, both in terms of job creation and proper conservation of resources, should be a well-recognized concept. However, the scientific literacy rate within the general public has fallen and there is a prevailing apathy towards the sciences among youth. As a result, there has been a continuing decline of enrollment in the physical sciences and erosion of funding for basic science in Canada. Yet, research and development are vital to innovation, growth in science and technology-based industries, and good economic health.

A science-focused day, such as that offered by Science Rendezvous, makes science fun and contributes to enhancing public awareness and appreciation of what science can do.