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Dr. Deborah Henderson

Kwantlen’s Institute for Sustainable Horticulture (ISH) was created in 2004 to be a partnership of academia with B.C.’s horticultural industries and the community to support British Columbia in meeting demands for a higher level of sustainability and environmental responsibility from horticulture, silviculture, forestry, and urban landscapes. The development of biological pest management products useful to growers, and economically viable to producers, is one of the primary goals of Kwantlen’s Institute for Sustainable Horticulture.

Working with funding support from Canada’s Natural Sciences and Engineering Council (NSERC), under the direction of Dr. Deborah Henderson (Director, ISH and LEEF Regional Innovation Chair in Sustainable Horticulture), the Institute’s innovative research into bio-products and pollination will be highlighted at this Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Science Rendezvous event.  Benefits for plants from extracts of a native kelp species, better pollination of greenhouse tomatoes with native bumblebee pollinators, biofertilizers made from insects, and biofungicides that can be used to replace pesticides, will be showcased.

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