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Mirza Saquib Sarwar & Prof. John D. Madden

The work of Mirza Saquib Sarwar, PhD Candidate and NSERC CGS (Alexander Graham Bell) Scholarship Holder and John D. Madden, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Advanced Materials and Process Engineering Laboratory, UBC will be showcased along with Let’s Talk Science at the Old Barn Community Centre for Science Rendezvous.

They are working towards a smart skin that detects the proximity and touch of fingers to a surface. It is stretchable and bendable. It could be useful for:

  • Providing touch sensation to robots, making it easier for them to work with humans, and to replicate human dexterity;
  • Providing a transparent and stretchable touch interface that could be used on stretchable tablets or smart phones;
  • In general this sensor array could be applied to any surface – kitchen cupboard, table top, floor etc to make it interactive.
  • It is part of broader technology movements to make our devices more portable, wearable and connected.

The work is supported by NSERC through their Collaborative Research and Development Grant. This funding helped convince an industry partner to get involved in what is still early stage research. (The industry partner prefers to remain anonymous at this time).

More information on the technology is available at:

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